MovieStuff Free Test Transfer

Okay, for all those that are curious about the image quality of our film transfer units, we
will transfer one minute of film that you send us and return it along with your original footage.

If you are interested, please send the following:

1) Roll of selected film (S8, R8, 9.5mm or 16mm).

2) An empty, portable hard drive with a USB connection formatted NTFS (no FAT32).
Do NOT send us a thumb drive, flash card or an internal drive with an umbilical cable.

3) $10 for USA Ground shipping or $20 for USA Express or $50 for International.
If you don't send return postage, you will not get your material back, sorry.

4) Print and fill out this form and include it with the film and drive.
If you don't send an order form, you may not get your material back.

NOTE: Due to high volume of orders, please allow about two weeks from receipt of film until we ship.