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At less than $6000 with one gate, the RetroScan Universal 2K scanner is a great value for small shops, universities and archival groups that require high resolution, dependable operation and ease of use. But there are other manufacturers of high quality scanners to be found around the world. Below are the most popular. Like the RetroScan Universal, each has the ability to produce SD, HD or 2K files. Some units listed below will scan in even higher resolutions such as 4K and 10K. While 4K+ is certainly overkill for most small shops and archive groups, it is important to remember that image resolution has moved well beyond the days of standard definition DVDs and higher resolution is more and more in demand, even by average film transfer customers. The following manufacturers don't post their prices on line, but they range from about $60,000 USD to about $250,000 USD, depending on what accessories and gates you might order with each unit. Links and contact information are provided for your convenience. While we would love to sell you a Universal, it is important that you make an educated purchase to be sure that you are getting the scanner that fits both your budget and quality requirements. Clicking on each company logo will take you to their website directly. Hopefully this resource is helpful.

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