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This old home movie was badly damaged with faded color and torn sprocket holes not to mention film
stretch down one side which resulted in tremendous "WOW' in the audio. The RetroSync Studio Sound Module
not only produced a perfectly frame accurate, synchronous audio file, but the RetroSync software removed
about 99% of the "WOW" in the audio, thereby improving the performance and useful life of the projector.

One of the occasional but daunting problems for small shops is when someone walks in with rolls and rolls of Super 8 or 16mm sound film. The Universal does not have a sound head but the new RetroSync Studio Sound Module will allow you to quickly and easily use your existing sound projector and transfer the audio in perfect sync with your Universal transfer (or any true frame-by-frame film scan). All you do is plug the USB cable from the RetroSync Studio Sound Module into your PC, run the speaker, line out, or earphone audio from your projector into the RetroSync unit, (it will attenuate all three audio sources properly) make sure that the projector light falls on the small sensor, (see illustration, right) then turn on your projector and let it run. The audio will be automatically recorded on the RetroSync software ($80) while the RetroSync Studio Sound Module keeps track of the shutter blade interruptions of the projection light source to produce an accurate "time map" of your audio. Once you've finished transferring all your audio for all your films, just make individual file selections in the software for 18, 24 or 25fps and click "PROCESS". Go get a cup of coffee while all your files quickly batch process. Once you return, you will find that you have a whole new set of WAV files that have been time corrected on a per-frame basis to create a file that is lip-sync frame accurate to your Universal transfer. Just put your Universal picture transfer and the new RetroSync WAV file on your timeline, find one sync reference anywhere, and everything will line up from beginning to end, regardless of duration. And the best part is that your audio will actually sound better than it did on your projector. Why? Because the RetroSync software will remove virtually all traces of "WOW" due to worn projector transport components. This not only produces a better audio product, but extends the useful life of your projector. The RetroSync Studio Sound Module can be used in regular room light and alignment with the LogicSync sensor is not critical. And, because the sensor is infrared sensitive, the software won't lose track of frames, even on the darkest of film (opaque leader notwithstanding, of course!). It works with all shutter blade configurations; 2, 3 or 5 blades. Since the RetroSync Studio Sound Module works with all projectors, regardless of format, you only need one module for your shop.
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The previous Universal came standard with a cost effective HD camera that was a reliable camera with a great track record over the last several years of dependable service in many of our units. It requires minimal PC specs and, for most shops that are still only outputting standard definition DVDs and the occasional BluRay, the HD camera is more than adequate to satisfy all but the most picky customers. But for shops that are looking to produce higher resolution scans or just want the better color and contrast range inherent in the latest sensor technology, then the new Universal 2K camera might be exactly what you need. The Universal HD software will allow you to scan at a variety of resolutions all the way up to 2048 x 1564. We've even added a bit of circuitry to allow convenient focusing on a still frame for maximum sharpness. Because the new Universal 2K camera has a larger sensor, it requires more light. As a result, purchasers of the new 2K camera will need to budget for the new Universal UltraLite Kit, which offers more than 3 times the light output of the standard light source. Even if you don't need 2K, the new UltraLite Kit increases performance of the standard HD camera through lower gain noise and punchier colors. Also, the lower diffuser position of the new UltraLite Kit means a sharper picture while still minimizing scratches. And, because the new light source is now recessed, users no longer have a super bright light shining in their eyes during transfer! To see slides scanned with the new 2K camera, click HERE!

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